Our Community

Eagle Harbor has three times been selected “Community Of The Year” by the Peninsula Housing & Builders Association. Its charm encompasses not only the quality and diversity of homes featured in this unique community, but also in the lifestyle that is experienced by those choosing to live here.


At Eagle Harbor you’ll discover that even with bustling Newport News and downtown Norfolk just a short drive away, there’s more fun to be had right at home. Finally, real excitement has arrived in a true community setting. Find out more →


In the center of it all is Celebration Park, where families and friends come together. Meet your neighbors here, or go fly a kite on the grassy banks of Eagle Lake. Play a round of Garden Golf™, or make a splash at the pool. At Eagle Harbor, there is plenty of fun to go around for everyone. Read more about Eagle Harbor’s Amenities →


The quality homes at Eagle Harbor are a cut above the rest. Along quaint streets lined with sidewalks and streetlamps, traditional architectural details make way for innovative floor plans you simply will not find in other neighborhoods. See available homes for sale →